but not go anywhere. (3sheets2thewind) wrote in fit_nyc,
but not go anywhere.

2004 yearbook

In case anyone from the class of 2004 reads this and is wondering "Where the heck is the yearbook?" here is an email I got from a friend who was finally able to find out the fate of it:

"I called FIT today to find out where the yearbook is...I was told that
the usual span of time to receive a yearbook is 6 months. The yearbook
before ours and after ours is on time, ours seems to have a 'black
cloud' over it and cannot manage to get off the presses.

There are 2 options - wait until the end of this year, when it
supposedly will be delivered to us, or call and give them your address etc. and
they will refund your money ($40).

You can call Allen Hochman who is the Student Faculty Advisor for the
yearbook at 212.217.8933 and request a refund if you do not feel like
waiting for the book.
Or, after the new year, call him if the yearbook still did not arrive.

I was told that there have been thousands of calls to find out where
the yearbook has been...hopefully we will get it by the new year! "

Gotta love FIT! I miss it so much. D UNIT forever!

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